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Movements, behaviour change and implementation

As 2015 draws to a close, our global leaders offer humanity a parting gift to take into the New Year and the years there after – a “historic turning point”, a global agreement to tackle climate change. Finally. Only after 2 decades of hashing it out, year after year, behind closed doors. The powers that be have accepted the facts and are handing out the marigolds, ready to begin collectively

Making better use of our collective knowledge

Last week the Voist team joined Forum for the Future, their partners and friends to kick off the festive season with a big, sparkly Christmas party in central London. It was great to catch up with old faces and meet lots of new ones. As you would expect (at the event of the season for all those working in the industry of sustainability) the room was packed full of passionate thinkers and

Church Street – from the frontline

Throughout September and October this year Voist was heavily involved in the running of the Urban Room initiative in Church Street. The Urban Room was set up by the Neighbourhood Forum and supported by local partners such as ourselves, Farrells Architects and The Cockpit Theatre to provide the community with a space to conviene, converse, consult and create. With little resources backing the

London’s most liveable neighbourhood

For the past 5 weeks Voist has taken residency at 99 Church Street, transforming what was once Circle Sports premises into Church Street’s Urban Room. The Urban Room initiative was originally coined by internationally known Architects Farrells in The Farrell Review, and first trailed in Blackburn. One of Farrells’ key recommendations in last year’s Review was that every town and city

In Their Shoes

This coming Thursday, 17th of September, Voist and creative duo My Wife and i, will come together to celebrate the completion of a very special project. How do you get people to start talking about organ donation? That was the question that was proposed to us by East Sussex Healthcare Trust when they asked Voist to help them with a campaign to encourage more people to sign the organ donor

Down The Rabbit Hole

For some time now our little start-up Voist has been largely neglected. All of our attention has been taken up with the very intensive task of developing our latest venture Mapify. We have been on a bit of journey, down the rabbit hole, coming across a variety of curious adventures and cautionary tales along the way. The cautionary tale being – if you are going to attempt to address some of

The Deserted Village at The Depot

Just off the Upper Clapton Road sits the Tram Depot. Slightly rundown and a little unkempt, you may have glanced at it while riding past on the bus or when walking down the street. Perhaps you might have wondered what goes on beyond the rusty old gates. This Victorian building has become an iconic part of Clapton – the gabled rooftops serving as a reminder of Hackney’s ric

Focus on SPARK Festival

Yesterday saw the launch of SPARK Festival in Brighton, a new one-day gathering of people who care about empowering young people to be active in shaping the life they want to lead and the world they want to live in. With the widening emergence of coding and making clubs for young people, ‘thing-making’ and education seem to be an obvious fit. In true Fab-Lab style, SPARK Festival is not a
Simon Riley, Maker Club

Smart Cities Part II: People Making Things

The future is FABricated So far the Internet and the technological advances that have followed its parade of possibilities (more lively and energised than the Rio carnival) have turned most industries on their heads. Dramatically changing the way we design, share, inform, collaborate and produce. These changes are being applied to a new movement that is now gathering mainstream momentum. A